New bullet manufaturer in czech Republic

I have got some handloaded ammo on the czech Meeting with new full brass (solid) bullets coming from a czech Company…(not slovakian, as first mentioned…)…
Will get the Name of the bulletmaker later and will publish here…
The bullets are loaded in S&B cases with one “grenade” on one side only.
I think, that means, that they are not loaded from SB itself, but sold as empty cases only…
Here the variations in 45 ACP:

I just got the adress from Slovakei…
The bullets where or are made in Czech Republik.
Link here:

Someone doing the Libra Snail style again in Czech Republic it seems? Only without the penetrator core.

Forensic - likely you know this, but for others, the symbol(s)
referred to above as “the grenade” does not represent a flaming
bomb or any other explosive device. It is Sellier & Bellot’s trademark
for non-corrosive ammunition, and represents an arrow pointing at
a clean rifle bore. It is much clearer to see the relationship of this
marking from pictures of it in S&B catalogs, rather than in the tiny
rendition found on headstamps.


yes John,
and the angle of this arrow-wings in the newer loadings, indicates also the year of manufacture…



I know about the angle. I actually have a pictorial document on the meaning, along with a time line. Unfortunately, I promised to keep it confidential, although that has now been years ago.

I wonder if the trademark’s orientation still speaks to the time period in which it was made? The system
began in 2001 and information provided spans the years to 2078, with each change valid for a two-year
period, beginning with a single symbol on the right of the headstamp and eventually continuing with a single symbol on the left. However, it seems to me that the symbol in use now has gone unchanged for way more than two years, so I guess the question in my mind is whether or not they chose to abandon the system some time ago. The rotations, by the way, were in 15° increments.

About all I feel to free to say about this design element from Sellier & Bellot.


Peter, thanks for sharing. We have a previous discussion here: Czech 9x19mm Experimental Bullets