New cabinet


I ran out of room in my big flat file drawers due to boxes and guns and documents, so I thought I would try something different.

I am in the process of moving all my individual cartridges to these new drawers. I really like the more manageable size of each drawer so you can better group cartridges by type, or company or country, etc.

I also am trying to see how I will like these riker mount inserts to line them with (rather than the corrugated cardboard). These inserts come in about 15 different sizes of varying amounts/sizes of squares and rectangles.

The cabinets. Dog for scale. =)

drawers only pull out so far. These are German pinfires.

Bigger insert with bigger 2" x 2" squares


Dog = alarm system, no need for locks.


Aaron - those are great cabinets. I have two of them myself from that same maker (re: Decal above top drawer). As I am sure you know, they were warch crystal cabinets for watchmakers. I wish I could find more of them. I would like to replace my big blue-print cabinets with them now that I am back to only collecting pistol cartridges! When I got mine, they still had all the watch crystals - hundreds of them all different sizes and shapes - in them. I tried to give the crystals away to various jewelers and watch-makers, and no one would even take them free. I ended up dumping them in the garbage, basically.

I like the size of them, and the way that due to depression on the top in each corner and corresponding “bumps” on the bottom, they interlock. Also, the fact that the drawers are free-standing (do not tilt down when totally opened) is a huge asset.

If anyone knows where those exact cabinets can be found, please let me know. I don’t have a feel for their age, but from the selection of crystals that were in mine, I think they might be much older than mine or Aaron’s look. They are a real quality metal cabinet.

Those inserts are great too, for Aaron’s purpose. They would not work for me, but I wish they would, because they look like good quality stuff too!

Thanks for sharing those pictures, Aaron.

Oh yes - cool dog, too. Sksvlad is probably right! Doesn’t look like a dog one would want to tangle with!


John, I see the cabinets on eBay all the time … =1&cmd=SKW

They can get expensive though! I paid $500 for this set which is a better deal than big sets I typically see on eBay.


Aaron - not a giveaway price, but I would have bought it for that in a heartbeat. This is the first time I have seen these other than mine, and I have had mine for perhaps 35 - 40 years or so, maybe longer. They are not a “new” item.

I will check out that site.

John M.


John - and will routinely show people selling various flat file cabinets like these. On Craigslist it is locally oriented, and you have to select your state, and then city / region to narrow the results. The prices vary wildly, and I have found that Craigslist is the best where you end up having some people listing these who are just trying to get rid of them and clear out space.


DK - I will check that out. I would only want, specifically, those same watch crystal cabinets. They are the best things for cartridges I have ever seen. The big blue-print cabinet drawers hold to much, especially when you can’t afford to not use the space. For example, mine holds 21 rows of 103 9 mm rounds per drawer, and two of my drawers are so full that I have rounds piled on top of others, and the third one is 85% full. That is why I sold off my 7.9 collection - I had no room for it despite have multiple cabinets other than my big 20-drawer blue-print cabinet. Unfortunately, the drawers are too shallow for almost anything else (holsters, guns, cartridge boxes, etc.). But, at least I now have room, although not the time at the moment, to spread out my collection. Even though the big cabinet would probably hold my entire auto pistol round collection with ease, I will continue to use the smaller cabinets because they are so much better for cartridges than the big ones. I do wish they were all like my two watch-crystal ones though, which are the same (including maker) as Aaron’s.


I’ve been looking for any type of flat file drawer storage unit for a long time. They are not particularly hard to find but I’m always stymied by the logistics and cost of shipping. Do any of you guys have any suggestions, or experience, in getting a 200 pound unit from place of purchase (usually a minimum of 200 miles away), to my humble abode in a one-horse town in the AZ mountains??