While searching something else on the PINDAD website (from Indonesia) I found an entry about a caliber I have not heard of before.
It is listed as 7.62x45. The ball round is designated MU11-TJ and the blank as MU11-H.
The assault rife style weapons firing these cartridges are SABARA V1 and SABARA V2. Both are meant to be law enforcement weapons.

The ammunition:
(scroll down to lowest entry)

The weapons:

Does anybody have more info on the ammunition? Are better images available? Are any head stamps known?


The Sabhara is a development of the FN CAL/FNC Rifle (under Licence), and the cartridge is simply a .30 cal version of the 5,56 case ( body diameters match)…ie, a .223/308.

The Rifle is a “7,65x45” (Not a 7,62)…refer to the rifle details…maybe a misprint somewhere, or purposely done to distinguish it as a Police-only calibre.

Basically an M1 Carbine Cartridge on steroids.( beefier body, longer).

Maybe it has Low penetrability for built-up areas, as is required for Police arms. Most Housing in Indonesia is timber,cane or Palm thatch, remember…only the major cities have modern Buildings of bricks and mortar and concrete.

The range of Military ammo and especially Blanks is interesting for us in the Movie Industry…will contact them in the Future regarding supplies.

Thanks for posting the new Links to Pindad.

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My earliest record for this cartridge is dated 2005 and describe three different loadings:

MU-11TJ: Ball, FMJ
MU-11H: Blank
MU-11PHH: Anti Riot

The anti riot round was not listed anymore in 2008.
The weapons are alternatively referred by PINDAD as “Sabhara” or “Sabara”. Both are correct.


It is indeed in effect a long-cased .30 Carbine. However, the extra length does not deliver any extra performance. I can only assume that it is needed to support the long rubber bullet of the anti-riot loading.


My ball round is head stamped “PIN TK 7.62”. Unfortunately I do not have a blank. Bill


Odd that mine is headstamped “PIN 7.62 TK” reading clockwise & that the base of all the letters/numbers are towards the primer pocket. Perhaps a headstamp variation?

in our sale 9 lot 942 we noted it has a 110 gr, lead cored GM jacketed bullet and that in 1989 Indonesia decided to go into the world arms market & developed this for Poiice use. They had a lot of .30 M1 Carbines , thanks to Uncle Sam, and thought to make it a better weapon by developing a more powerful cartridge. We understand they also offered this chambering in other weapons such as AR types. We think the “TK” is a date code, perhaps either 2003 or 2004.

I’m not at all sure anything other than ball rounds exist in this caliber, but as always, could well be wrong.


Their website used to contain a photo and details of their rubber-bullet anti-riot loading. It was designated MU11-K, the bullet weighed 0.52g (8 grains) and had a muzzle velocity of 341 m/s.