New ? cartridge china 30mm "grenade" round

i find on the net a picture of a new ? catridge 30mm “grenade”
is not the classic 30x29B
the case is longer and belted ? look like very shortened 30x113
ABM grenade on picture
this round is really a new ?30mm%20abm

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It’s South Korean


thank for your response
i don’t know asian language so i mistake it for china
i find another picture showing the case
the case had a large belt like the US 25x39B ,is not a shortened 30x1130076

I understand this one is made by Hanwha.

Unfortunately they keep a low profile in the web when it comes to arms and ammunition.
Sure due to today’s PC and leftish protesters/terrorists.

The case here is definately not a shortened 30x112B.

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And just that noone gets bored.

There is the 20mm by Poongsan and a 25mm by Hanwha.

Source: internet.

20mm Poongsan

25mm Hanwha

More info on all calibers is welcome!

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Can you provide the webpage link for the photos?



for bdgreen here the two links

the 25mm Hanwha look similar to the 25x59B US but the case is little onger on the 25mm Hanwha ?

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