New cartridge collector website

Has been long in planning, but at last here it is. This is my new website, you can have a look at

The site is still very new, with not too much on. We are still busy testing and bug fixing and trying different things. In time my whole collection with all the research will be listed. Please have a look and if you have any comments on making the site more user friendly please let me know. There is a form for contacts on the website, but you can also email or PM me. I’m trying to get as much listed (busy with European Sporting at the moment), before SLICS.

Looking forward to attend my first SLICS and hope to see many of you guys there and finally put a face to the mail and correspondence of the past few years.


Wow, I clicked on sporting ammo, I never even heard most of these names. Good luck with your website!!!

Great work Daan…Looks awesome!!!

Daan - You’re off to a great start. Good luck with the site. I am sure it is going to be a winner. There are a lot of RSA cartridges that many American collectors even, if they are not members of RSACCA, are probably not familiar with. They should draw a lot of interest!

I wish we could meet at SLICS. I just can’t be there, as I think we have discussed together before. Please see Lew Curtis when you are there, though.