New cartridge website almost up


My wife has been laboring away at the design, and I have been doing a lot of photo editing and picture taking… The reference site for my special-purpose pistol cartridge collection (actual & virtual) is getting there, and for now I at least have a stand-by page: When it is all said and done there will be credits for sources and photos, but 80% or more of the photos will be taken by me in a light-box type set up. I want to try and make all the cartridge photos and component parts look like professional manufacturer & retail sites do, like a few of the ones I grabbed and put into the stand-by image such as the CCI shotshell image, and the Hornady FTX image.


Looking good so far Matt. Keep us updated as to your progress.


Looks good,keep up the great work
Sgm. USA. Ret.


Matt, that looks great and I wish you much luck.

Perhaps you can teach me how to do something like that for shotgun shells. I get so lonely here!



Excellent! Looking forward to seeing it.


Thanks guys, will keep updating.

Chief - I did not do those sections, they are mostly a combination of items that were done either by Reinhold Peschke or Paul Smith I think. I’ll have it all figured out and cited on the finished site as to who did what. I put those section photos in the stand-by page to have a concentrated look at some more eye-dazzling cartridges since the outside of many cartridges (even specialty ones) is less interesting. For instance, the larger green paper-hulled projectile on the upper right is a .44 S&W Russian multiball by Phoenix cartridge company (early 1900’s), but you can’t tell from the outside.


Looking good, it is always handy to have cartridge information online.

You are probably aware, but the address shown in the picture does not match the actual site address. Just pointing this out in case you hadn’t noticed it.


Yeah I know about the site name. I registered both and For now the hosting is on the singular version, but if you type in either one it goes to the site. I figured some people would get it wrong, so now it works no matter which you type.


No worries, I thought you would probably already know about it.


Hello Matt,

I’m looking forward to viewing your site. The pictures are excellent!

Butch Daubner


there are cool bullets on your pictures