"New" Cartridges Found

I picked these up at a local gun show this past Sunday.
They were in a plastic bag, and the guy said I had to take them all, or none.
He MADE me pay $3 each!
From right to left:
KYNOCK [C C] .450/400
KYNOCK .450/400J
RWS [* *] 9.3X74R (Steel bullet!)
DWM 474C 9.3X62
.280 ELEY
Sorry about the low res photos…

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Some of the others I picked up at the show…
7.62x39, 10 rounds in a sealed pack + 9 loose, round nose steel bullet. HS= 05 (over) 77
7.62x54R, (2) 20 round box +2 loose, jacketed plastic tipped [?!] bullet. HS= bxn (over) 79
Eley Alphamax Buckshot, 10 round box.

And the rest of the haul from last weekend. Total expense for all, about $85.00. And, no, I have never been that lucky!
(2) Box 12 ga XM162 [Federal]…
(3) Rnds Rem-Umc Sureshot 20 ga, #6, found in…
(1) Box Peters High Velocity 20 ga, #6, w/11 rounds…

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Good bunch of stuff. I should mention Kynoch is not spelled with a “K” at the end

Content of the sealed package 7,62 x 39 seems inert to me. The Üb stands for Übung, German for exercise. I would say from the former GDR. The loose ones are definitely from the GDR: manufacturer is Spreewerke, 1977.

Übung disnt mean an inert Training/Dummy.
It IS a LIVE round with plasticfilled Bullet, so do NOT USE it as suggested above, as a inert Drill round…You can kill yourself or bystanders…


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Oh, yea, I know… but typing with one-and-a-half hands sometimes hets the wrong keys, and I miss it before I press enter/reply/post.
I think I spelled it both ways… and maybe a third :-)

Thanks, I thought it was awefully light, figured it might have been an indoor training round.
I was mildly surprised when a magnet stuck to the bullet.

Excuse me, I was too fast and mixed it up with Ex, which is the abbreviation for the real dummy of course.

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Übung means practice, these are sintered steel/iron with plastic core IIRC, for short range practice.
As for your 7.62x54R, are these really plastic tipped? They look like hollow short range bullets, which have a metal jacket with very thin layer of lead inside. There is also a tracer variant (which is teal over white).


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They looked/felt/sounded plastic to me, and as I am an Old Guy with Colour Blindness
issues- I am not sure what ‘Teal’ actually looks like- I cannot swear to a colour. And
my eyes are gettin’ worse… and so is my hearing…

So, I looked at the 7.62x54R cartridges, closer, with a more powerful loupe, and yes,
they are fully jacketed with the round nose tips painted.
Thanks, appreciate the identifications!

Are you somewhere in Canada? Because, depending upon where you are, there are some awesome gun and ammo shows, many close to Canadian border, but on the other side.

No, I am just a few miles- WAY to few miles!- west of Washington, D.C.

There are no cartridge shows- that I am aware of- anywhere close by, but there are plenty of gun shows with a fair-to-middlin’ collection of collectors* who show up.

  • Collectors, as defined as guys who have ammo, which they usually don’t know what it actually is, or what it may actually be worth, which is good for ME!

The two PA shows, in June and August, are within range.

Define ‘within range’. I might not be up for a 2~4 hour drive…

The Antique show at Timmonium in March is about my limit, some days.

The Nation’s Gun Show at Dulles Expo Center must be in your reach on Nov.16-18 https://www.showmastersgunshows.com/nation-s-gun-show-.html

Yes, in fact I will be there on Friday, and Sunday, sitting at the Virginia Gun Collectors Association set of tables, but probably not the December show.