New case for identification


Hello and good day, I need your help to identify this case. On the back it written 90N and 187 with kiril letters. What is that case use for?
Tank? I know the soviet use 100-105mm

I will appreciate any answers


If this information help, this piece brought from Sinai


Try looking here:

The rim diameter is useful to know (your second photo doesn’t appear on my screen, does that show it?)


Rim size is 111.2 more or les,


Thank you for the list
From the list you send it looks to me like 85x629 rim 12?


This is a 85mm case for the tank gun of the T-34/85 and the D-44 field gun. It was also used in AA guns.
Your case was made in 1955 in the USSR.


Thank you Eod and Tony, I send all the info to the guy that brought me the case, he said his father took it from Sinai so now I’m expecting same interesting story to be told.