New CBC 9 mm Subsonic Headstamp


A new 9x19 SUB CBC headstamp showed up in Magtech 9 mm subsonic 147 gr boxes from 2018:



That’s a new one on me! Ahhh yes, the 9 mm Headstamp of the Day. How does one keep up with all this?

John Moss


Speaking of 2018 CBC headstamps, this 2018 dated one showed up in a retail box of Magtech 9mm NATO 124gr FMJ recently. Less odd than the subsonic-specific from above, but we can never be sure if the dated ones will show up in retail boxes or not in the U.S.



DK - it actually, in a sense, is not less odd for CBC. I is NATO marked. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing a NATO-marked CBC 9 mm before. Was this a “one of” in the box, or was the whole box this headstamp?

John M.



I just got a box and they are dated and NATO marked.



It was the whole box, from SGammo, that Brian shows above. When Magtech marks it as NATO I would expect it to be dated, I guess I just meant that detailed Internet searching aside, you never know which version of Magtech 9mm ball ammo you will find in stores or online, but for the most part it usually isn’t dated.


CBC’s 9 mm cartridges are NATO homologated since 2012, when they filled a contract for Spain (see example below). You can also find CBC NATO dated headstamps in Magtech 9BMIL boxes.



Fede - do you have a picture of a Magtech “9BMIL box”?





Fede - you move like lightning ¡Que repuesta rapida! Gracias, amigo.

John M.



  Thanks, Matt.  Just what I wanted to know.  After if wrote that,

I saw Brian’s picture on the Forum. I am sure he will have a
round or two for me.

John M.