New Chinese 9x19

In the web I have found images of some arms exhibition and there were some 9x19 cartridges amongst I do not recall having seen before (that may not mean anything though).

Anybody out there with current Chinese catalogs/flyers on SAA?

Here the “low penetration”:

And here the blank:


Alex, did they show any 7.62x25?

Not a single one. I guess this is a dead caliber by now where they do not develop anything new.

Argh…the Chinese were my last hope…

I guess you are in the same boat with “John Makarov”.

Ah, so no new Makarovs either?

Correct, as dead as dead can be.
Do not forget that 9x18 was in very limited use in China (only police and there very limited if I got it right).
So almost all 9x18 they made was for export and by nature the common customer for Chinese ammo wants it cheap, so no special loads and no fancy stuff.
And on top this caliber is being (better has been) replaced in most 1st world countries.
So no need to waste any resources on developing loads for calibers with no future (or riding dead horses).

Another photo.

Photo caption: Domestic 9mm high kill low penetration pistol

Brian, thanks!
Seems you image is showing projectiles with platsic nose sections while mine above have steel balls?


Yes! Reminds me of the something similar to, for example, a Cor-Bon Pow R Ball bullet-

Cor-Bon Pow R Ball

Or a 9 x 19mm ACTION Bullet Load with plastic tip bullet.


Brian, we saw so many plastic nose designs in the past decades (many manufacturers) that it would be better to see a Chinese one from the inside first.

According to articles published in Chinese websites, the “low-penetration” cartridge shown in Brian’s picture was developed in 2000 and has a plastic cap, a slited jacket and is filled with lead shot. This picture is from a 2008 exhibition, while Alex’s picture is from a 2018 exhibition. In the latter, NORINCO also displayed a “low penetration” 5.8x42.



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Liliang, wow! Excellent cutaway and thank you for sharing it with us!!!

What is the headstamp of this round?

This is definitely a product from the 11th factory, but I only have a bullet, so I don’t know the specific headstamp

No worries, does it also have a type designation by now?