New chinese police revolver round ?!


The chinese just sealed their internet so I cant find out more about this new? chinese 9 x 20 R revolver round. A chinese friend frisk the chinese sites but there is a lot of info deleted.
These 9 x 20 R is in fact an .380 Webley or .38 S&W more or less.
The revolver shouldt be resembling an S&W K frame.
At the june Beijing police expo this two cartridges where on display. One full metal jacket with a plastic / lead core and a solid plastic bullet. MV shouldt be arround 200 m/s. … topic=1985

Any idea ?


In october 2006 the chinese TV informed 1st time about the new - non lethal - police revolver programm.
The revolver is well made and is in use in stainless and blued versions.
The ammo comes in 6 rd. frets. There are still discussions in chinese forums about these new ammo and some wonder if not a 9 x 19 mm wouldt be the better choice. Others mentioned that these revolver is extremely reliable.

The rubber bullet has a semi jacket made of brass - a sort of oversized gas check. If you look closely you couldt see it at the pics.

The full metal jacket bullet has a plastic core in front of a leadplug - this shouldt expand the bullet on impact.

One known headstamp shouldt be 11 06



I wonder about this revolver and ammo until I read the true reason in the chinese internet.
The reason for this new revolver and low power ammo is in fact the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing.
To use low velocity ammo of non leathal type in an auto pistol would be a problem. So this revolver is introduced.

The chinese government is very busy to train the police and special forces and equip them well.
An chinese type of the 9 x 39 is just in trial and so a police type bullet for any used ammo is in developement.