New Czech 9mm Hst and Shot Loads

There is a guy in The Czech Republic that has been making shot loads in 9x19mm for a few years now. The rounds have yellow truncated bullets and are loaded with two different size shot as illustrated below. The plain yellow plastic bullet is 1.2mm shot and the blue tip load has 2mm shot as indicated on the box labels. The rounds are reloaded on mixed cases,

He just recently began offering loaded rounds with both FMJ bullets and epoxypolyeter coated lead bullets. These rounds are also reloaded into mostly S&B cases, but they have been reheadstamped, “KUSNA 9X19 HORA”

Always something New!!!


Lew, is the overstamp maybe “KUTNA HORA” ?
Is this the name of the reloading company?

Its correctly KUTNA HORA…and this is a village in Czech Republic and the hometown of the “maker”

It looks like an S as the overstamp goes just over the S from S&B, but in fact is a T as EOD already mentioned…


PS: Here a link to the village:á_Hora

Does anybody know how this comapny is named?
Is there maybe a web address?

May be…
Malín 335
Kutná Hora

Branche codes NACE:
2540 Manufacture of weapons and ammunition

I am sure one of our Czech friends may be able to assist. The Kuta Hora region lists 7 dealers who engage in ammunition sales and 2 in the actual city of Kutna Hora.
The ones below sell sporting ammunition and casings. Possible candidates…but still conjecture.
Bohemialov Ltd.
Václav Lochman - Hunting, Ltd

The maker of these rounds is:

Jaroslav Krejci


Lew, thanks for this detail!!!

Lew, i think you got this ones too…

Some more “funny” Dummys from him…
made from Aluminium stock (turned) and with fancy headstamps :-)

Here the photos from hs and side:
turning a not straight wall is very complicated, as you can see, he made several steps, to get the angle of the casewall.
One with his hometown as stamp, the others with fancy german WW2 Acceptance marks…


Guys, to explain little bit activities of Mr. Krejci…this crackpot doesn’t have any single license to either develop nor produce any ammunition commercially - all his affords are made just to grab some money from horny collectors and as I see - it works…(no real guns exist//usage of his ammo is at your own risk :-))))
All his unique items are made in his block of flats apartment and if he wants to create something extraordinary - he’s visiting friend of mine to use his loading equipment or just to borrow reloading dies or to buy box of bullets or few hundreds grams of gun powder…nothing is behind the Kutna Hora brand… just the bunter and a lot of “professional” twaddle.

I don’t think anyone picked up these two headstamped dummies for me at the Czech meeting. If you have them. Please hold one of each for me!

Cute construction! Is this a fake??? Not to me, but I would add the note that Trabi posted! They are still interesting enough to document.


I think the step in the case wall is not from unqualified manufacture (which is not that difficult) but is meant to be a groove.
Maybe miss-proportioned…

I would agree that these are not what we would call “fakes”, although the 9 mms with the Germanic Eagle (unfortunately in 3rd Reich style, although sans the hackenkreuz, could, as time goes on, be misleading to collectors told, or believing, that it is a government property mark. An ill advised marking, in my view.

As to being collectible, that is in the eye of the beholder. If I had been where they were sold, I would have purchased, even knowing the whole storey, the 9 mm Dummy round, since the headstamps is not fraudulent, but rather the choice of the person manufacturing these rounds.

If we all took out cartridges that were made primarily for collectors (even Winchester did that), and not really for practical ammunition uses, our collections would probably go down by 10% in the case of those that collect calibers were this has been done a lot.

John Moss