New danish police training 9x19 from MEN


Where the Fiocchi boxes had a certain italian design to them, the MEN are more stark and functional. The germans have made do with a simple white box and a printed adhesive slip to seal and mark the boxes with.
This is the first time I have seen these and it was only because someone reminded me of the cardboard dumpster out back at the range. (Waste now has to be sorted at the source, that thankfully means no more coffee or pizza stains on those boxes… :-)



HA HA! Glad to know that coffee and pizza stains are not a unique American thing. I have dug more than a few cartridge boxes out of the trash cans
at the local ranges…




Lovely boxes. Thanks for letting me know these are the boxes that match the “9x19 MEN 10 014” cases shown in your thread:

I always reckoned that if it didn’t have coffee and pizza stains it probably wasn’t a real police box!

Many thanks!