New Extreme Shock Headstamp

Has anyone seen this Extreme Shock headstamp on any caliber?

The normal headstamp on 9x19mm is “EXT SHK 9mm LUGER”. It appears the headstamp illustrated was made in a number of calibers (9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP and perhaps others) some years ago but little if any was actually loaded. In mid to late 2009 these cases were sent away for plating (nickel) and were apparently loaded and sold in late 2009 or early 2010.

I saw a 40S&W case at the Jan 09 Shot Show (and picked it up for John M), but they did not have a 9mm case in their display. When I contact them recently this headstamp has been totally sold out. I just got a load with a blackened case with this headstamp from John M----Thanks!!!

If you have or are buying Extreme Shot loads, check the headstamp. I am looking for a full box or partial box if they are available.

These will be good items so keep your eyes open.




there’s a nearby tactical gun shop that I believe is selling ES ammo. I’ll check it out on Weds and see. If they have ES with the proper h/s, do you want a whole box (20 per box IIRC)? Any certain bullet style (Air Freedom, Fang Face, Enhanced Penetration)?


Thanks I do want a box if it has this headstamp.

John M just called and told me that the box I received yesterday had a round with this headstamp in it!!! Showed up at the show in Reno. Opened the packet and there it was. Many thanks to John.



I understand that these are out in the commercial world somewhere. Has anyone seen Extreme Shock loads (any type) with darkened cases. I believe these loads will have this headstamp.

Please keep you eyes open, and if you see them anywhere, please pick up a couple of boxes for me, and you will be pleased with the result!



Lew - I was just ordering up some various Extreme Shock 6rd packs to round out my collection, and the 9mm “Air Freedom” 6-pack that I received from Sportsman’s Guide was the dark case type with the XTRM - SHOK headstamp. The website shows 9mm as available along with a few others in the AFR type:


Thanks Morten. That one must be the “Silent Warrior” variant? It looks just like the Silent Warrior 9mm that I have except mine is brass case with a different headstamp. The SW black tip is like the EPR, except the nose is smooth instead of segmented.

I thought it was an EPR (Enhanced Penetration Round), as it is visually identical to EPR-rounds that I bought at Cabela’s last year.

It may be, most of the EPR’s had a segmented looking black plastic tip that was not as smooth looking, and I found that most of the Silent Warrior tips look like yours. However I have seen a lot variation as far as size of plastic tips and colors in the tips. I’ve seen green and black for the CT-2 training load, different size/shade AFR tips, different cases & headstamps, and different size serrations on the fang-face loads. It’s makes for fun collecting. The only other way I know to tell a Silent Warrior rd is that most of them have a purple or dark blue color dye on the base of the case.

To add to this - I just today picked up a box of 20 9mm EPR at Cabelas (they have a few calibers of EPR still available) with a date stamp of Jan, 2011 in the box, and the bullet is identical to Morten’s. So this smooth tip style is the later style, and the black segmented type is the early original style apparently. My cartridge has a brass case, nickel primer, and a headstamp of “LB-NTF 9mm” which is brass from Longbow and stands for LongBow Non Toxic Frangible. The primer does not have the LF stamp on it, which was typical of some of the original Longbow loads.

Has anyone here sectioned any Extreme Shock product? I’ve always wondered what was actually inside.

Here is a scan of a sectioned 9mm AFR bullet that is one of the early styles. This version had the darker colored orange/red plastic with a hole in the tip (which you can’t see in the photo because this is the thinner half of the sectioned bullet). You can see how the “tungsten matrix” is a grainy material that is meant to be forced out and fragment/explode as the plastic tip expands the bullet open. I don’t know much about the internal differences as far as comparing it to other Extreme Shocks of the same type or caliber since this is the only section I have, but I’ve now got an itch about needing to send a whole batch off to somebody for sectioning since I guess there will be quite a bit of variation:

Wow! Big ball; little filling. Which is the point of the design, I guess.

On the topic of the black tip similarities - I dug out my specimins of Extreme Shock 9mm with black tips and found the following:

The far left is the original style Enhanced Penetrator (EPR), and next to it is the later, more recent style of EPR. Third from the left is a Silent Warrior (SW) with a similarly smooth but smaller black tip than the new style EPR (and a purple base), and lastly on the far right is a special run of the CT-2 which they did in late 2008 / early 2009 due to inventory issues with the plastic tips (almost all CT-2’s have green tips). I would not be surprised if there were another slight variation of design on the early version of the EPR as well.

Matt, thanks for that update. You just helped me ID one of my rounds (the black tipped CT-2). It’s getting hard to ID some of these ES loads with the variations of the colored nose plugs and bullet profiles. If I’m not mistaken, it appears that some of the newer designed AFR loads are being made with smooth red plugs instead of the oorange style that is pictured on ES’s website.

[quote=“DKConfiguration”]Lew - I was just ordering up some various Extreme Shock 6rd packs to round out my collection, and the 9mm “Air Freedom” 6-pack that I received from Sportsman’s Guide was the dark case type with the XTRM - SHOK headstamp. The website shows 9mm as available along with a few others in the AFR type:


Matt, the Sportsmans Guide website states that these are 70gr “Air Marshall” loads (in 9mm). And the 9mm AFR rounds are 85grs.

Is the above pictured ammo the ones that you ordered and received from SG? Did the package state it was the AFR rounds or the “Air Marshall” rounds?

Leon - The package I received had rds identical to the ones in the photo above. The package says “AFR” and they are the 2nd gen type of AFR load. I think the term “air marhsall” is just one thrown around by some retailers since that is an implied use of this ammo, and I have not seen those exact words on any of the AFR boxes from Extreme Shock. The grain weight on the bullets for the AFR rds in my newly received pack are 70gr. I weighed a few that I have and the old ones with the different style tip were 85gr, and these new ones are 70gr. Below is a pic showing the old AFR style on the left with hole in tip & darker color tip, and also the new 70gr style on the right:

There is probably another tip style variation for the 9mm AFR out there somewhere, and I know at least 2 other AFR style tips on other calibers being an all-smooth solid orange cap, and also a smooth orange cap with hole, shown below in 357mag & 357sig: