New Federal 9mm SYNTECH GOV'T. LOAD


Shown are two views of Federal Cartridge’s Government loading of the 9mm SYNTECH. It uses a
purple coated bullet to differentiate it. The cartridge is assembled at Federal but the brass case is
made for Federal. You will notice the 3 dots on head stamp to indicate case production done elsewhere.
It is not a CCI case (2 dots). Looking at the head stamp can anyone recognize who might have made it?9mm%20Govt%20syntech%20head%20stamp%203%20dots%20SYNTECH%20with%20purple%20bullet%202



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Not a definitive answer but a similar 3 dot pattern on SPEER headstamped cases identifies the case maker as PMC.



Dave, very interesting, thanks for posting. Do you know the product code?

Also, do you know the meaning of a single dot between “FC”? It is found in 9 mm, .40 and .45.




I will get you an answer ASAP. Dave


I wiil get the product code and post it. DF


A the present time there is no product designation or packaging available for this item. It is believed to
be a124 gr. bullet. There will also be a 147 gr. training round introduced as AE9SJ3.


Posted is a small chart indicating the meaning of the dots found on Federal ammo head stamps. This is from a reliable

source at Federal.


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