New finds

My haul from the Great Lakes Show.

Started with empty boxes. Not a strong collecting area of mine, but occasionally the box is interesting enough that it needs to be saved. A few of them had one case/round inside the box, with unusual headstamps.

I also picked up a few loose rounds, though I didn’t have much time for in-depth hunting on the small stuff. I did take a chance on a grab-bag though, someone’s retired collection of non-US 7.62x51mm.

And finally I managed to dig out a little bit of medium caliber. Enough to keep me happy for a few days -


Great haul,excellent images,thanks for sharing

Best regards

At this rate. You’ll need a new wing to the Bombatorium

I believe the "SINTERFIRE 9mmLUGER headstamped case is extremely rare. These date from about 2007. Sinterfire put their own brand of Frangible 9mmP on the market and their customers complained so they dropped the brand immediately and most of the ammo was apparently sent to a commercial range and shot up in very short order. Still, some of you out there may be sitting on a full box of this ammo. The loaded rounds had the 100gr bullets with the dished point.


Congratulations on your first show and thanks for these pictures and those of the show.

I’m planning on being there next year!

Very nice .50 ARES and Japanese flare cases.

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I am going to hi-jack Jeff’s thread and add a few pictures of items I picked up at the Great Lakes Cartridge Show.


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You show managers get all the good stuff :thinking::facepunch:

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I remember the Master-Match and Hi-Vel, and the Blazer box is neat, but the Holland & Holland nd Winchester Canon Primers are VERY cool!

I might still have a box of the Sinter Fire 9mm amongst my stash of shooting ammo…

Says the guy WHO DIDN"T SHOW UP!!
Better luck next year Pepper -

They are cool finds just the same :+1: