New firearms controls proposed for Ireland

On the basis of keeping everybody up to date on ‘the bigger picture’ new controls are proposed for Ireland … t-2014.pdf

move one stone on the beach and every single stone is affected. These proposals do not appear in the wake of any perceived problems that are causing concern involving legally held guns. Much of the content of the report involves illegal guns quite obviously, they talk of handguns with the serial numbers ground off etc.

Because of the activities of the IRA over nearly a century, Southern Ireland has always had a large number of unregistered firearms, So to get to grips with that problem they are going after the licensed ones.

I hope the Irish gun owners (do I need to add the term “legal” so the officials there would understand me at all?) are organized well enough and do not waste time now to counter such cheaply justified intentions to disarm the law abiding citizen.

With the advent of 3-D printers which will become better over time, we may notice governments worrying more about cartridges alone, since the guns (at least Derringer style ones) will be able to be printed so easily, but the cartridges will still need to be made with traditional methods & propellant that escapes the ability of the average tinker, at least in terms of propellant & primers.

There is a lot of paranoia concerning 3-D printers and guns I am told reliably. My advice to all forum members is not to access any sites relating to this subject but particularly those that offer downloadable plans. Not even out of curiosity for a look.

Vince, as per your words the paranoia seems not to have missed the government clerks after it became a favourite of the media (good story = money).
Technical advise is available and affordable to the govts. why are they not using it? Every kid knows that acting because of a gut feeling is always an ill advise.