New for 2008/ 2009: New Book: Ammo Encyclopedia, 792 Pages

“Ammo Encyclopedia” by Michael Bussard

"Ammo Encyclopedia" by Michael Bussard, edited by John B. Ellen & David
Kosowski This huge book is 8&1/4" x 10&7/8" over 1&1/4" thick, with over 792
pages, over 60 chapters, also has information on almost 1,000 new and
obsolete cartridges, both commercial & Military. Very detailed information:
date introduced, development and designer, also all current manufacturers,
detailed diagrams with all dimensions, extensive ballistic charts with cartridge
and shotshell information. I just got this in today, and from what I can see it goes into more detail then other books, like "Cartridges of the World, and a good reference for the general collector.

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