New for 2021,True Velocity Regular Commercial Composit Case .308 Ammunition

Link: “Shop — True Velocity

Ordered a box which arrived today, here are some quick photos:

No trademark emblem or name on the case side wall like they show in their advertising. Red neck seal. Comes in a fancy smancy overpack box. I wish they would put their emblem and name on the case wall instead of using the overpack box. With shipping & taxes comes to $4 a round (ouch!).



Those and a minigun would render Besos a mere millionare in short time flat!

What, you didn’t buy the collector’s edition in the special box?

Great pictures Brian, thanks for sharing.

Can you show a picture of the lot number?




There are no other markings on the box that could relate to a lot number/production date.



I ordered three boxes, two for me and one for a friend. Kind of surprised by the packaging. Just got home from out of State and haven’t had time to open one yet.