New free Gyrojet book supplemental Chapter 28

Chapter 28, Miscellaneous Notes by Chapter, is now available as a free PDF download to supplement my MBA Gyrojets and Other Ordnance book. Go to www.Gyrojet.Net to download the chapter, and also Chapter 27 if you haven’t already done that.

Chapter 28 is the longest chapter in the book by far at 46 pages and 108 figures. There are over 9 pages covering just new information, photos, and specimens of MBA BW/CW Javette cartridges, including the first-ever information and factory photos of the biodegradable nondiscernable BW/CW Javettes and how they were manufactured.

In addition, there are pictures of four very unusual 1.5mm and .25-caliber Lancejet launching cartridges based on the .30-06. There is a section featuring several new big-bore rockets, including the largest MBA rocket seen so far, a 40mm Tractorjet. Plus a lot more. The chapter ends with a bit of whimsy; a selection of Robert Mainhardt handmade Gyrojet jewelry.

I will have a new listing of fresh items for sale from my two recent California adventures up on the site in a week or two, so please check back then. The new listing will include some very rare MBA BW/CW cartridges in .22 Long Rifle and other calibers.

Mel, thank you very much. Great information and pictures, as usual.

Thank you, Mel! Your book is just incredible!


I didn’t even know I liked Gyrojets until I read your book ;-) .

Thanks for the kind words guys. It is a labor of love.