New German 8x33 Stgw head stamp. It happens once a wile

On the last international show in the Netherlands a friend showed an 8x33 head stamp from an unknown factory of this round.

Polte made two lots in 1941. I have never seen lot one, but is lot two exist.

I think there also exist lot one. Probably this lot went to the arms manufacturers.

Now a case from “bne” (Metallwerk Odertal G.m.b.H., Bad Lauterberg/Harz) was found.

This company was a part from the Polte organisation and P207/bne was a well known factory from 7,9x57 cartridges (1935-1945)

Because it is the first lot of 1942 we think they tried to produce the 8x33 cases/cartridges in a different Polte facility.

The head stamp shows the typical marking from 7,9 x 33 of these days.