New German ammo auction Bickels best

Have a look … =&lang=ger

The old auction is still up. I think I’ll wait to see the new items.

The new auction list is available!

Sorry , Laurent but I see the old list only . Where is the new list?

Try this.

Is the bidding in Euros?

I believe so. Make sure you take the coversion into consideration.

Yes , it is in Euros.There are some mistakes too

I think that some items are overly prized

And some (really rare rounds I have in my collection) are very under-priced. Like any auction, you decide what you want and how high you are willing to go. Fight the urge to go past your limits.

Sounds like this should be on the Buy-Sell-Trade section.
It deals with sale of items, not a discussion of specific cartridges.

In a few months this info will not be useful to anyone, and there is no need to keep it in the permanent forum archives.

Just trying to keep things sorted out a bit to be more useful in thelong run.

Once this gets posted on B-S-T, I will delete this thread.


Unless we have some way to get any items we win into the US, I don’t suppose there’s much use in bidding on anything, but I am quite interested in the selling prices.

15 euros as starting price for a common Remington - made 35 Whelen round…
wish I had bought my BAR chambered for the 35 Whelen instead of 30/06…

No pistol-caliber AP in the whole auction :-(