New gunshow finds

Here are a few items I found at a local gunshow yesterday. Left-to-Right, DWM KK 471A .30 Luger carbine, next is a 7.9x57 Blank of some type with extended neck and short black wood bullet eej St+ 1 43, Then the next two I think are 7.7x 58 Arisaka dummies. Both have steel cases with no headstamp, empty berdan primer pockets and two light knurls on the case wall near the head. The bullets in each have very different shapes one is plain steel while the other is gmcs. The one with the gmcs bullet also differs in that there is something inside that slides back and forth when shaken. Much like an American .30caliber rattle dummy ? Any info on the last 3 would be greatly appreciated.

Your German 7.9 x 57 mm “Blank” is the Triebpatrone alte Art für grosse Gewehr Panzergranate (Propelling cartridge, old model, for large (anti) tank rifle grenade. The double shoulder with its extended neck should yield an overall case length of approximately 65.5 mm. The round had no colored primer seal even when new. The case, and probably the cartridge, were made by Märkisches Walzwerk G.m.b.H., Strausberg Bez. Potsdam. This maker is one of the common producers of Grenade Blanks during the war.

When I started collecting 7.9 x 57 mm, German Grenade Blanks were very, very hard to find, and even major collections held only a few of them. By the time I sold my collection, they were not especially rare, although the very large assortment of types (my notes include 15 types) makes specimens of any one of them, by themselves, still a little scarce. I don’t know what condition brought so many of the grenade blanks to light - it seemed to happen within a short time span - but when I closed out my collection I had about 45 of them, and that was certainly not a “premier” part of my collection, although it wasn’t too bad. I am referring here only to the WWII types; the WWI practice grenade type showed up in enourmous quantity, all on recycled cases. I think I had over 80 in my own collection. The tactical propelling rounds from WWI, without the red case head and case mouth, remain very scarce, especially in copper-washed steel cases.

As far as I know, your 7.7 Japanese rounds are both factory dummy cartridges.
I can’t explain the steel bullet - perhaps an armourer’s dummy rather than a common drill round? - but they follow the same general pattern of the 7 mm and 8 mm Nambu Pistol rounds in my collection, and the 9 mm Japanese Revolver dummies I have seen. I would have expected to see them with snapped primers, like the handgun dummies, but I honestly don’t recall if that was the norm on others I have seen some time ago. Referring to Ken Elks book on Japanese ammunition might be a help to you.

I have that same 7.7 dummy on the far right, but I don’t recall ever seeing the bullet profile on the second example, one in from the right. Nice find.

Anybody know the origin of this bamboo shell carrier.
Maybe Japanese? The shell in the picture was not made for
the pouch. I’m not interested in selling but what’s the value.

Also picked up this. It a brass end piece that holds lead shot balls. 37mm
I’m a new collector. Any help would be
very appreciated. Thanks