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Hi Fella’s, just got two rounds that i could use help on Please

First one is marked 20 x 119. Headstamp is SF 20 1893-95 3-38 and 21. What appears to be all mixed on top of each other.
The collector who is experienced said he has had it for 30 years. He said it was for and aiming tube.

Second is marked 25 x 121. It has what looks to be an armor piercing bullet with a copper rotating band. Headstamp appears to be an R on top of a G at 12 o’clock. two stars at 9 and 3 and 1909 at 6 o’clock.

Thanks in Advance and Merry Chrismas, joe

Joeinco, the 20x120R is indeed a French naval subcaliber cartridge and should have a very thick rim and a lead projectile.

25x120R is an Austrian naval cartridge. Very little is known about them. They also do exist from Hungarian manufacture.

Some more info on the French 20 x 119mmR (20 x 120mmR depending on the source): … ube-cannon?

Some more info (very little) on the Austrian 25 x 120mmR: … ht=25%20mm

  1. 20x119R - 20mm model 1892 Subcaliber
  2. 25x120R - Böhler 1935 (austria) also assumed to be experimental

As per the documented headstamps the 25x120R is known from at least 1912 till 1940. Also there is a 1884 case which is shorter (shortened?).
I assume we can exclude an experimental production over 28 years (minimum) in at least two countries.

Many Many Thanks

 [b] bdgreen, thedane, and eod [/b]for your many replys.  For some reason these rounds and the weapons they were used in are not that common here in the United States.

  That was a very nice web side on a Britch Forem that you led me to [b]eod.[/b]  I could not see the pictures that were poasted about those rounds.  i tried to register but my computor kept locking up.  I dont think my computor is strong enough.

  Stay Well Fella's


The “GR” monogram on the 25x120mm case headstamp stands for George Roth & Co., Austria.