New Guy Here

Hello, I didn’t realize there was an International Ammunition Association, so I’m about as new as you can get. However, I do have a love for collecting cartridges. Thought I’d start things off by sharing some of my collection.

Hoping to catch the next cartridge show when it comes to St. Louis (though that’ll be a heck of a wait).

Looks like a good start, a little bit of everything! What’s the short fat one on the right?
If you’re anywhere in the East, you can hit the two PA shows, Williamsport in June, and Morgantown in August.

That’s a varied and interesting collection. Very nicely displayed, also. I like the idea of the background art behind the cartridges. Almost like a Museum display.

Welcome to the Forum. Hope you join IAA.

Welcome to the forum and IAA! Great collection and awesome set-up.