New Guy Looking For info

I’m just getting into gun smithing: I bought out a old guy, not much good left as it all sat in a basement for 30 years I saved a show box full of all kinds of old rounds, I have a large round with no markings on it, any good books? Some are marked Petes Colt and so on a little bit of everything.I can up load photos this coming week.many thanks

Lots of good eyes here, and a few good books around, too. Post some pics and we’ll get you in the right direction.

Sounds good.thank you,I’ll see if I can post a couple tonight if not by tommorow night

The larger shell is sitting next to a Peters 45 Colt, the larger shell has no markings on head.Not sure were my mic is tonight but will give you a idea on size, the shoe box is the lives ones I have a other shot box of spent rounds.

The real experts should reply soon but to me it sure looks like a standard 50-70 Government.

Thank you, I have a bunch I got questions for, I’ll write up a whole list.after being a know it all with clocks, its nice to find I’m clue less about things,I just hope I do not get addicitted to collecting these.