New guy needs help

Hey y’all. I recently acquired a bunch of ammunition, and I’m trying to figure out what a fair value for it would be.

From top to bottom of the left side is: .380 Auto, .348 Win (x3), .32-40 Win., and 7mm Mauser. From top to bottom on the right is: .32 Winchester Special, 30-40 Krag (x2), 7mm Mauser, .38 S&W, and .38 Special. This isn’t a for sale ad, but I’m curious what this stuff might be worth, and aside from the .38 Special, I haven’t been able to find any for sale. I’ve seen some listed, but not sold. I don’t know if that’s due to being overpriced or poorly advertised. I’d appreciate any help y’all could offer. Thanks.

I’m not a “box guy”, but I do know that condition is everything in that area.
JMHO, but that looks like “shooting grade” to me

I appreciate the input. I’m not really concerned with the box condition (shooting grade is perfectly alright), but I just don’t know what ammunition in these calibers sells for, boxed or not.


I see similar boxes at gun shows priced at about $5-10 per box. They seem to sell at $5 but not for much more.

These seem to fall into the category of “old ammo” that is not really collectible, and conditon of the box indicates poor storage and care that likely will discourage most shooters unless the boxes are all full of original contents and clean and bright. Anything less and it will be hard to sell at any price.

Just my opinion. Hope it helps.

I’d have to agree. The condition will not attract a collector or a shooter. Collectors want good condition and most shooters want newer ammo. Your best bet would probably be to put it all into a box and try to sell it as a single lot, but don’t expect to get much for it. I see the same guys at gun shows time after time trying to sell the same ol’ stuff and it just does not move.