New headstamp 9x19 mm and other stuff

Stopped by a local shop today and they had 100 round boxes of Independence 9mmx19 115grain FMJ Aluminum case for great price. Albiet box is marked may have primer issues due to dropped primers (ie rejected lot). This shop sells lots of ammo thru from atk, recently has had large qty’s of blemished ammo of which this is probably similar. WHat caught my attention was the headstamp. Expected I etc for Independence, nut these are marked N ATK R 9mm LUGER . as Independence is owned by ATK and MFG in Independence MO (Maybe) The use of ATK vs I was a surprise.

Second I’m waiting on delivery of Winchester WW2 Victory Limited Edition ammo in 45 acp and 30-06. This was introduced last year and only recently started showing up for sale. Both packed in neat wood box with WW2 pictures and with cardboard box inside. 45 acp 230 grain FMJ packed 50 rounds to box 30-06 (150 grain M2 ball) 20 rounds per box ala WW2. AD says they are making 30 carbine and brass cased 12 gauge for 2019 All for 75 anniversary of Dday. Something else to put away!

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I hope you “secured” some of that ATK headstamped 9 mm Luger ammo.

About the Winchester WW@ Commemorative ammo, the .45 has been on the market for months. I think I have had mine for at least seven or eight months, maybe more. The headstamp resurrects the old “W-W” marking, which surprised me. If they weren’t going to use “WIN” I would have thought they would use “WCC.” The headstamp is
W-W 45 AUTO M1911. The “W-W 45 AUTO” is at the top, spread about 10 to 2 o’clock, and the M1911 at the bottom. Quite a different style for Winchester ammo. The case has a cannelure, which Winchester has not used on .45 auto for many years.

I am looking for the 9 mm Luger and the .30 Carbine WW2 stuff. You mentioned the 17th Anniversary of D-Day. Wonder if it will have a different headstamp style than the .45, which was simply a commemoration of their role in supplying ammo in WW2, as far as I could tell.

Thanks for posting on the ATK - something to look for now. Especially valuable knowing it is sold in 100 round boxes and under the Independence brand. Makes it easier to search it out.

John Moss

Is Independence now part of Vista Outdoor Inc. since ATK spun-off its Sporting Group business (which included Federal, CCI, Speer etc.) in 2014-2015?



Yes, Independence is part of the Vista Group. This reported “ATK” headstamp came as a complete surprise to a friend of mine, a retired CCI Engineer still living near the factory. He mentioned that ATK went out of the picture about three years ago.

So, is the old stock, or is there some error about the headstamp. I want very much to doubt the latter, since I would love an ATK headstamp and because the Gentleman who posted this is extremely knowledgeable about 9 mm and is an excellent researcher as well. We’ll be able to verify this headstamp thru him, soon, I think.

John M.

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John Win is going to issue 30 carbine (50 rounds?) around June of this year. 12 gauge brass shotgun 00 Buck (5 rounds) in Nov. of this year… I stumbled across across the 45 and 30-06 while looking on line. Keeping my eyes open for the rest later in year. The ATK marked ammo was part of a large amount of ammunition for sale at a local shop(s) (the two largest owned by same company/Guy). I never made it to yoiur shop in CA but this is one of largest Ive encountered anywhere. A S&W and Ruger dealer as well as large customer of ATK. Typically pallets of ammo on showroom floor and in case lots. Theres a huge container of 5.56 (over 5000 rounds in bulk) as you walk into the door. About $4000 price! ). bottom line they receive truck loads - semi size of ammom on regular basis. When 22rf was hard to get some years back they had it though ltd amount one could buy so everyone got some. The current 100 round boxes are factory seconds blemishes maybe but label says “may have dropped primers”!

any rate vest to you! John

Is N R on the ATK headstamp placed just as the SPEER N R for non re-loadable ones are?

Curtis, the “N” “R” is same as on speer, cci or even Federal aluminum case ammunition. And thx to Brian for mrfeminding me ATK spun off comercail ammunition etc. Since this is a large qty of “Blemished ammunition” that a large dealer locally has for sale, (They get milliions of rounds annually from Speer/cci/federal/hornady and are Ruger/S&W dealers (As in Factory Presidents come down anually tyo kick off sales). Finally John Moss, Doubt if there will be any 9mm Looks like 30 carbine and 12 guage will be all in 2019. (75th anniversary of D-Day this year) Tnx typo all for replys. I will have a box of the ATK 9mm in route to Lew Curtis Monday (I hope have to ravel to Main UPS location to ship it!).
Glad I found something. Always use Jerry Bersteins idea. Observe the obvious!

Well I have Egg on my proverbial face!!! I picked upa box and shipped it to Lew. he called and said it was all * I * vs ATK. So I pulle dout my box again, and put on decent magnifying glasses and Oops Mine are all * I * vs what I mistakenly said was ATK! As Ive gotten older my 20-20 vision is still there but close up focus on msall stuff has slipped! Damn! Sorry all.