New headstamp "M"... who?... for whom?

New headstamp M
.308Win, .223Rem, 7.62x39 and 9x19
steel lacquered cases
from Army-2018… photo is not mine.

Export? Tula Cartridge Plant?
And what do you think?


This headstamp showed up in “Sergeant Major Munitions” brand boxes imported into the US during this year. The manufacturer is TCW and the owner of this brand is Hunter-ru LLC (ООО Хантер-ру) in Moscow. It seems only 9 mm and .223 has been imported so far.



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I wonder if Lew is going as crazy over this hoard of new pistol cartridge headstamps, like I am? Impossible to keep track of them. I have known a couple of guys who cut their collections off at 1945 date. I used to think that was crazy; now I think I am the crazy one!

John Moss

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Everybody I found who was selling it has sold out. Does anyone have a source of this ammo?


I have still been unable to find a box, or even a single round of this ammunition. The best image I have of this headstamp is below and is very poor.

9MM LUGER X  Hst---2020

It appears to be “9MM LUGER X”. Has anyone actually seen one of these boxes or one of these rounds???


The brand owner almost is TCW (Tula and Ulyanovsk plants).