New headstamp "SENECA"


The good news is that Seneca Armory in VA has just introduced 7.62 NATO with their headstamp “SENECA 7,62X51” and I understand the sole distributor will be Ventura Munitions in NV. The bad news, it is being sold in 250rd boxes for $137.50.

The cases were made in Europe, but I don’t know where—perhaps one of our members knows.

It looks like they will be offering 9x19mm ammunition soon. When I have more on the 9mm I will post it.



Lew, this is an interesting ammunition import and since last year it has been offered packed in at least five different ways: 20 rd original box, 20 rd Seneca box, 250 rd loose in plastic bag, 500 rd loose in plastic bag, and 500 rd loose in carton. The real name of this company trading as “Seneca Armory” is Dca, LLC and it is located in Ashburn, Virginia. I don’t have information about its manufacturer, but in my opinion it is not European but made by POF in Pakistan.


Fede, Any idea what the original box looked like???

You may be right, I typed “European”, but he actually said “Overseas”. At this point they are not very interested in disclosing where the components are made, but he expected that to change.

Pakistan makes both these calibers so it could well be the source of the components.



Below is a link for SENECA 9mm NUPE. The second photo shows the headstamp of the 9mm case. … _Cases.htm


Just received some Seneca 9mm cases and 308 NATO rounds. As suspected the headstamp on the 308s look very much like they were made in Pakistan but the 9mm cases look more like perhapsFiocchi to me, but at least they do not look like a product of Pakistan.