New Headstamps


I found this post on
Quite interesting I thought.
Has any one seen this brass?

"Guess who’s taking up the slack?

On one of my rare trips to Brisbane, Went to a big gun shop to buy some components. Asked for 1000 Winchester large rifle primers and they never had any. Asked for 25 cal Hornady V MAX and they never had any but they had some 75g Sierra so I bought them instead. Asked for some 25/06 cases and they had Remington and another brand for 1/4of the price. I bought the cheaper brand and they are good cases with a Chinese head stamp. The shop must have had millions of them piled up in card board cartons in all calibers and even unusual calibers. In this country there are thousands of small Martini cadet rifles, many of which are chambered for 222 rimmed but shells have been unavailable for years. In one of the boxes were maybe 10 thousand 222 Rimmed cases. Come on boys, Mr Who Flung Dung is watching carefully and if you can not supply the world with components at a reasonable price he will. "



I’m surprised no one in China has thought of this before. They can produce anything else by the millions very cheaply, and there is an obvious market for brass cases. If someone is willing to buy, then something can be made. It could be a whole new area of collecting. I suppose they won’t make it to the USA thanks to Clinton and his ban on imporing Chinese firearms and ammo.


Stonewall–You tease us with the title of your post and then fail to deliver. What is the headstamp on those Chinese cases?


I wonder about the quality. Some of the bargain brass is no bargain after you weed out the bad stuff.



probably cheap because we are shipping them the brass in the first place, & making it harder to obtain here & so driving up prices here. Just like copper.
My not so PC thoughts, no facts to back it up.


The brass came from Tony Cleavers gun shop in Brisbane Australia.
I emailed them .

"They were Highland AX Brass for $35/per 100 in 25/06 Calibre.

Serbian not chinese.

Now i’m sorry they are sold out.

Best Regards,

Jade Cleaver."



You speak about new headstamp ad you do not show it!!!

A picture or even a drawing could be of interest !!!



They probably had an nny (Cyrillic “PPU”) headstamp. At a glance I suppose this could have been thought to be Chinese.


Hi Philippe

I am still working on a photo of that head stamp and some other information on these cartridge cases.

Especially after checking the latest batches of Winchester rifle brass .

I found this post on Gunboards so I will email Highland and Prvi Partizan next.

[color=#004000]"Prvi Partizan back in production.
I recently sent an email to TRZ USA Trading Co., Prvi Partizan’s US importer for ammunition, inquiring about their efforts to restart small arms ammunition production after a devastating explosion and fire that occurred at the Prvi Partizan ammo plant in Serbia last September.

I received this reply today:

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your concern.

We have good news for you. The factory officially re-started production today, January 14th.

In the beginning they will work at less than full capacity, but they plan on gradually increasing production. They expect to work at full capacity again in about 3 weeks.


Zivko Satara "[/color]

A photo of the box for now.