New Hornady 9mmP Headstamps-Who made cases?

I recently bought some Hornady loads and discovered three new headstamps I had not seen before. Below are the six Hornady headstamps I know of (beside the HMC hst on Russian made steel cases).

The one on the top right is on cases made by S&B, I think this is the first case to say “HORNADY”. Prior to this Hornady used brass marked Frontier.
I can only guess at who made the other cases.

Can anyone identify the maker of these case?

Does anyone have the Hornady hst codes?

Any help appreciated!


Although neither pretty nor complete, my answer has the virtue of being based in fact and research, which I double checked today.

  1. Top right case is, as you already know, S&B-made. Other (dot) HORNADY (dot)-headstamped S&B-made cases are 32 AUTO, 44 REM MAG, 45 AUTO, and 30-06 SPRG.
  2. Top left 9MM(dot)LUGER case is almost certainly Olin-made being close in average weight compared to WIN 9mm LUGER +P (58.06-grains (H) to 58.10-grains (WIN)), and having a minimally chamfered primer pocket. If the convention is to put a dot in the caliber to indicate Olin-made, then the lower right case would be presumably Olin-made, too. However, I’ve seen no other Hornady calibers with the dot in the caliber. My concern is that most Speer-made 9mm Luger cases weigh over 60-grains but today I noted recently-made SPEER cases that weighed 58.6-grains, not all that much more than the 58.06-grains of these HORNADY-headstamped cases.
  3. Top middle very similar to Starline-made cases, average weight 58.57-grains (H) compared to 58.84-grains (-), deburred flashhole, and quality of nickel-plating. But other HORNADY-headstamped Starline-made brass and nickeled cases have a colon between the caliber designation (i.e. 45:AUTO+P) and include 380:AUTO, 38:SPECIAL, 357:MAGNUM, 40:S&W, 10:mm, 45:AUTO, and 45:AUTO+P. So why doesn’t the 9mm case? Perhaps this case was actually made by Hornady, but (counter-intuitively) I see far more presumably Olin-made cases than these presumably in-house cases. Also Starline case weights can vary wildly. My limited sample (less than 50 cases) didn’t vary like Starline case weights normally do.
  4. Considering Hornady’s primer suppliers are S&B, Olin/Winchester, and CCI/Speer, I expected Speer-made cases with the Hornady headstamp, but I’ve only seen a single 40 S&W case that I suspect was made by Speer.
  5. I haven’t any of the lower left or middle cases to examine and have no clue as to who might produce them.

Ahh, that’s not a dot in the caliber of the lower right case, its a small diamond (9mm<>LUGER). I’ve also seen the diamond on HORNADY-headstamped 45 Auto (45<>AUTO) cases. Only seen on brass cases so far, which may be significant, but I’ve too few for destructive testing – depriming, cleaning, weighing, etc.

5. I haven’t any of the lower left or middle cases to examine and have no clue as to who might produce them.[/quote]
Those headstamps match what I have seen on the new Critical Duty loads from Hornady, so those should be their newest headstamp variety for 9mm.

the upper left look very similar to federal case that i have

Federal nickel-plated 9mm Luger cases average 55.5-grains, whereas these cases average over 58-grains – a big difference. Federal and Speer cases also have a larger flashhole. The interior of Federal-made 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 40 S&W, and 44 Magnum cases have a ring around the flashhole, which is another identifier for their production with CCI, I, BLAZER, and TRITON headstamps. If we had those calibers in HORNADY-headstamped cases with the dot in the caliber, we could compare their interiors with Federal cases – no ring equals not Federal. The ring-around-the-flashhole, however, doesn’t apply to 9mm Luger, the only caliber for which we have HORNADY dot-in-the-caliber cases.

Thanks dArtagnan! I have been waiting for you to find this post. Appreciate the great research. I will pull down and snap the primers on a couple of the bottom headstamps and mail them to you for your magic!

Ammogun, I’m confident this is S&B made. In 2003 I was given a case with this headstamp along with a 30 Mauser case and one other, all with this headstamp style by a senior guy at S&B who told me they were supplying the cases to Hornady, and would load some Hornady ammunition for sale in Europe! Still it is nice to have the confirmation from dArtagnan.

Just picked up five boxes of Zombie, and There were three different headstamps, one that I had not seen before. All the headstamps in a single box were the same, but the variation is between boxes. The new headstamp is below. Could it be a Speer product? Doesn’t really look like it to me. The pointed bottoms on the “mm” looks familiar but my fading gray matter can’t call up where I have seen that before.

The other two headstamps were top middle and bottom right in the original photo. That means that all three cases were being used in the first half of 2012.

Thanks everyone for the comments.

i’m not an expert but i see my federal ammo cases and i can see that it could be similar (i talk about the first left upper nickel case)
ica,'t see the flash hole because i have only few federal calibers and i wouldn’t dismantle them
i hope is my english is good

Ammogun, Sporry, I was thinking of the one in the upper right-Never could tell my right from my left. Spent time holding a rock in basic training.

The upper right is S&B. I have no insight on the case in the upper left!

Sorry for the confusion>


Just wanted to post all 3 versions of headstamp that I have on ZombieMax 9mm from Hornady. I just recently got a box with the recent new headstamp posted by Lew which makes the third variation I have. The headstamp at center is a brass-cased version of one of the nickel case type shown already"