New Hornady Critical Duty Handgun Ammo

I hope Cabelas does some exclusive loads in calibers not otherwise offered by Hornady for this type, as they did with the regular Critical Defense line. 10mm, 44mag, and 357sig were the exclusives from Cabelas for Critical Defense.

Just for the record, I wrote a very long answer to address several points on this thread, and it disappeared into the sunset, like so many have for me and some others. Someday, perhaps we’ll get this problem licked. I am not going to even attempt to rewrite it.

I feel for you, John, that’s happened to me so many times (not only on this site).

Every time it happens I am reminded to highlight and copy my text before I click on the “Submit” button. Then if it disappears, I can simply try again by pasting the text into the message box. But at some point I forget to do that - usually when it fails again!

That continuing problem is strange. It’s never happened to me, even after I have left an unsent message open for over an hour, and even after my computer has gone into sleep mode. It always goes through after I send it. Maybe logging out and re-logging in and making sure that you select the box that says “log me in automatically each visit”? Or could it be the browser or operating system security settings? I use Firefox version 3.6.24 on Windows XP and I have virtually no security settings on.

We need an IT systems / security expert on this question.

Glad to see Hornady keeping up with the “ballistic joneses” on this. The XTP is far too long in the tooth to garner sufficient end-use by LE who use Ranger, HST, etc., and Critical Defense falls short.

I’ll grabbing some of this up to test as soon as I can. Hornady’s QC and customer service is top notch in my experience and I’d definitely issue their stuff to my guys if it can compete with Federal’s Tactical Bonded, HST, Speer Gold Dot or the newer Winchester stuff for LE duty use.