New Hornady triplex .410 defense load

I just noticed a story at this link with photos and a video about Hornady’s latest thing - a triplex .410. I wonder if they will swap out the red plug for a chartreuse one and change the printing to make it a “Zombie-Max” .410 load? I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

The shell has a non jacketed FTX slug on top of 2 .35 cal lead balls (almost 000-buck). It is definitely on par with Winchester’s PDX1 as far as high-tech .410 handgun loads.

I’ve often been disappointed in the lack of actual bullets used in shotshells, vs. shot or Foster-type slugs.

The Latvian Dupleks and this little Hornady .410 beauty make me smile. Hornady has had their most recent pills in sabots (12 and 20ga), but nothing in smoothbore.

Fingers crossed for a 1oz 0.724-ish FTX or XTP in 12ga!

I’m shocked no one has pushed anti-zombie flechete rounds…

The Latvian Ddupleks “Dupo 7” .410 slug with expanding steel slug was apparently nixed by the BATFE a couple years ago due to their evaluation of its implied use with the Taurus Judge in the U.S. market. I’m sure Ddupleks didn’t make it for that purpose, but a steel slug in a load assumed to be mostly used in a revolver doomed it. J&G sales and a few other distributors had it for only months.

So what about the steel projectile didn’t the BATFE like? Body armor penetration potential or something else?
No mater how I try, I can’t warm up to the idea of the Taurus Judge or any of its .410 revolving counterparts. But there are obviously those who like it. If I were to get one (unlikely), I’d use only .45 Colt in it.

They didn’t like the steel projectile being in a cartridge with implied / probable use in a handgun (Taurus Judge). They have pretty wide leverage to interpret what they think qualifies as a pistol and then determine what cartridges fit for that pistol might fall under the auspices of legislation passed which regulates ammunition. In this case, the 1986 law passed which restricted the manufacture, importation, and distribution of pistol-caliber armor piercing ammo. In determining this I assume they factor in how many of a particular gun there is (how popular it is), and how widespread certain ammunition use in that gun might be.