New Hot Shot Ammunition made in Russia and Slovakia

Has anyone located where this new HOTSHOT is available in 9x19mm???


LAX Ammo shows the new style box graphics for this line in .223 only at the moment. So they might be soon to come with the 9mm:

Hotshot Elite brass cased 9mm make in Slovakia. H/S: HOTSHOT 9mm LUGER

I missed that one. It is out of stock now! Quite a few sites picture the old style but not the new one. Hope you got a box of them. Save one for me if you did!


Unfortunately I too missed the boat on this one.

Found some for sale here:

Steel case here:|/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104372280/hotshot-8482-9mm-steel-case-handgun-ammunition-ndash-per-50/2387919.uts

Thanks Fede!


I just bought 500 rounds of the .45 ACP of this Hot Shot ammo. After shooting some steel plates, I noticed that the jackets of the bullets are …strange. Not copper, not aluminum… They are silver in color but much harder than aluminum. Anyone have any idea what the bullet jacket is made of?

Probably cupro-nickel clad steel or just GMCS - gilding metal clad steel, like so much of the Eastern European or Russian ammo. Assuming you mean this version of the ammo:

Did you get those 500rds of .45acp Hotshot from JGsales? The price of $99 for 500rds that JG has on .45acp Hotshot is the internet’s absolute best price on .45acp ammo - new or reloads, and better than any of the Wolf steel cased prices even. Did you find the quality of the ammo to be decent in terms of function?

Yes, I got the from JG Sales …and yes, it was a great price. I was shooting w/ a neighbor yesterday, and this morning he asked if I had cleaned my gun yet. I had not, but HE said that he found several “slivers” of the jacket material in his cleaning swabs. I found none. I was shooting a Metro-Arms (Philippines) 1911, he was shooting an older Springfield Armory 1911. NO issues at all with the ammo. All fed , fired and ejected perfectly. Normal velocity and recoil. We were expecting the unusual smell (different from U.S. manufacturers or our own re-loads) from the powder as we’ve seen from other Russian ammo - but there was really no odor at all, and certainly less smoke than with the various shotgun powders I often use in pistol re-loads. We did find some larger pieces of the jacket (we were shooting steel plates) and the metal is HARD. Certainly not aluminum or tin plated copper. So - you think it is “gilding metal clad steel”? We were (are?) concerned about the life of the rifling in the barrel with such a hard jacket. MANY thanks for the info…

I wouldn’t worry about the life of the barrel. If it is Cupro-Nickel clad steel (CNCS) like the photo above suggests, then this has been a typical European style jacket for many years and does not seem to bother barrels much. There are solid brass & solid copper projectiles (and other monolithic bullets) out there which are potentially less forgiving to barrels, but they don’t cause extraordinary wear either.

Thank you… Good info.

If the bullets in your rounds take a magnet, they are CNCS. It can’t be the core,
because you can’t import steel-core pistol rounds. If they don’t take a magnet,
they aren’t steel jackets.

John M.

Looking to the bunter style…all 4 are made by ZVS I would say…

Yes all 4 were made by ZVS. Hotshot did have ammo made by others as well, but this one was ZVS along with Scorpion.