New HPR "black ops" with jacketed frangible bullets


I noticed on MidwayUSA that HPR is due to have some new personal defense loads in 9x19, .45acp, .40S&W, and .223 released in the coming days which will be loaded with what look like moly-coated DRT frangible bullets (or Remington’s version of jacketed frangible bullet?), and called “Black Ops”. The “OTF” designation stands for Open Tip Frangible. The fancy packaging with honeycomb cartridge tray looks about right for this sort of marketing. I predict these late-comers will be lost in a sea of self-defense ammo which is replenished on the store shelves of late, offering many many choices. On another note, these rds might suffer a similar fate as the “Black Talon” if the inner-city gangs decide it is the cool thing to use (based on the name). We are past due for a mis-informed / ill-conceived ammo controversy which demands political action.


I just updated & edited my above original post. I received this ammo today in 9mm and .45acp, and despite somewhere having read that these were Barnes TAC-XPD bullets, they are clearly a jacketed frangible bullet, much more similar to the type used in DRT loads, but with with a moly coating. I was wondering why the packaging had referred to these as “frangible” if they were just SCHP bullets, and this explains why - they are not SCHP, they are frangible with an expanding copper jacket.


Pardon my ignorance. I don’t recall ever seeing the abbreviation “SCHP” before.
What does the “SC” stand for? “HP” is obviously “Hollow-Point.”



I believe it may be Solid Copper Hollow Point. Maybe from General Bullets at Grafton, Ohio.
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.




Yes, SCHP is Solid Copper Hollow Point, such as the bullets from Barnes, General Bullet, Magtech, and Lehigh Defense. On this HPR Black Ops load, I just watched a lengthy review of the 9mm being fired into ballistics gel. The interesting thing is how the core frangible material seems to vaporize as it disperses inside the target along the wound tract:


For most of 2015, HPR has listed a new variation (or branding change?) on their 9mm “Black Ops” jacketed frangible load, which on the package described it as “full frame edition”, whatever that means. I finally received a box today, and although the cartridges appear outwardly identical, the headstamp is slightly different. The original 9mm Black Ops cases I have from 2014 have fatter letters and the “9” looks closed, almost like an 8. This headstamp style was also used on the non-nickeled brass cases of HPR’s subsonic “Emcon” 9mm. The new version I received today has thin, well-defined letters and small style differences - mostly on the number 9, and the two R’s. The .40S&W, and .45acp Black Ops I received were identical headstamps to those which I had from over 1 year ago.


I came across this article today, which is several months old (October 2016), but I was amazed at the notion that HPR’s parent company - Advanced Munitions International (a division of Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts) would be in any way considering, or able to construct a half-billion dollar ammunition production facility in Alcoa, Tennessee. The figure printed was $553,000,000.00! I don’t think Winchester could do that if they wanted to, let alone HPR and it just seems absurd that Blount County would even begin to take that notion seriously. The article goes on about ATAC having some legal & financial woes anyway, and despite the promises of the AMI execs, I can’t imagine this ever happening.