New hs (for me)

I always tell my collector friends know your collection. Perhaps I should stop doing this. Looking for some other items I found this 9mm Para. Any idea for the hs ?unbek

It has a very Arabic look to it, especially the long-tailed “S”. But that could also be a squashed “5”.

Rolf, its a little hard to tell, but to me it looks like a very fancy “T” and “C” intertwined. If that’s what it is, it would probably stand for “Türkiye Cumhuriyeti” (“Turkish Republic”). If it is not a "T* and “C”, then I am at a loss. I think Lew has this headstamp as well.

Great find. Whatever it is, it is very rare. By the way, looking thru my collection for things, on occasion, I often find headstamps that had you asked me, I would say I didn’t have them, or in some cases, that I never had seen such a headstamp. And your collection of 9 mm is probably twice (or more) than I have. I think that happens to all of us. Also, I have been looking thru “duplicates” for one reason or another, found a round that didn’t look familiar
to me, and found that I did not have it in my collection! In my case, I think that is called “Old Age.”

John M.

John Moss

Any chance for a better image?

nee, null chance

Hard to tell. I tried to blow this up and clean up a bit and this is the best I could make it…not sure what it is or if it is just too poor of a graphic to tell.