*New* IAA Facebook Page

Facebook users!

Feel free to check out and “like” the IAA’s new Facebook page.


Also, invite your fellow Facebook friends who are cartridge collectors to “like” it as well. (You can do this directly from the page.)

Though some of you may not use Facebook many of you do as well as a wide community of people who may be interested in collecting ammunition but do not know there is an association out there that can help them with that. Facebook - the most popular social network on the Internet - is a great resource providing organizations an active and dynamic communications tool.

Also keep on the lookout for the freshly redesigned CartridgeCollectors.org which I will be unveiling hopefully shortly after the St. Louis show.

Good work Aaron


Good promotion work Aaron! Great job and well done!

Yup…time for a gray hair like me to “sign up” and join the Facebook generation.

Twitter can’t be far behind for the IAA…social media is not a flash in the pan…it’s becoming the only way to know what my co-workers (NFL football players) are up to.

Now we need to make a couple You Tube video’s of “the hobby”/SLICS etc.

Pepper just video 3-5 minutes of the good stuff going on and it is quite easy to post on youtube. It would be real nice for guys like me who can only dream about going their. Vic

Will do…“have I-Phone…will travel”

I will get together with Aaron (& “DK”)…(the new “young guns” in the club)…and take a step into the 21st century with less trepidation.

If/when the hotel has WIFI in the banquet room, it will be much easier to accomplish.

Stay tuned

Any other web/social/publicity ideas ??? (please consider any upside and the potential for any negatives that could arise)

Really great job, Aaron!