New IVI Cartridge-What is it?

Recently this round turned up in Spain and is reportedly a new product from IVI.

Does anyone know anything about this round. Is it available? What is it called? Sure would like to locate a box!!! I have no idea what the headstamp is. I’d guess it is a shortrange load.

I tried to look it up by going on the IVI website and no luck. As I searched I found the following:

[quote]In 1976 Industries Valcartier Inc. bought out CIL’s commercial cartridge production. This granted them the rights to CIL’s popular Dominion, Imperial and Canuck commercial ammunition brands. … es_Limited

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada Inc. was formed as a result of two purchases: the first, in 1980, Industries Valcartier Inc. (IVI), a small caliber ammunition plant; and the second, in 1986, Canadian Arsenals Ltd. (CAL), a large caliber ammunition facility with two plants. Both IVI and CAL were built during World War II and operated by the Canadian government as crown corporations for many years prior to being sold to the private sector. Since these two acquisitions in the 1980s, there has been considerable streamlining, reorganization and modernization to maintain highly effective ammunition facilities.

In 2001, the company acquired Expro Chemical Products in Valleyfield known now as General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada Valleyfield Inc. This acquisition has strengthened the company’s position as a key member of the ammunition industrial base by providing the knowledge and technology of one of only two extruded propellant manufacturers in North America.[/quote]

I tried the GD website but no luck. Their ammo is all .50B and above. There was a link to

Finally found the following:

I didn’t even know that IVI was part of GD and had been for 30 years! Most of you guys probably already know this but new to me so decided to share for the other guys who are also out of touch!

After all that, I can’t find this round on the Simunition website so am not even sure it is by Simunition!!!

It appears that the company, IVI, no longer exists, even as a product name and hasn’t for some time. When did IVI disappear???

Any help or thoughts appreciated.


Lew, this is a target practice made by Arex in Slovenia. Headstamp is AX 9x19.

See this earlier thread: … =8&t=17477



Thanks Fede! I totally missed this thread!


Does anyone have more information on IVI beyond what was posted above???


From the internet:

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.; Montreal, Quebec

SNC became a public company in 1986. By this time, the group’s defense business (made up of IVI, Canadian Arsenals, and Securiplex Systems Inc.) was rivaling the traditional engineering and construction activities in importance. … p-Inc.html

JANUARY 08, 2007.
General Dynamics
(NYSE: GD) today completed its acquisition of SNC Technologies Inc., a
wholly owned subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. (Toronto: SNC) of
Montreal, Quebec, for approximately US$275 million (CAN$315 million). Plans
for the acquisition were announced on February 23, 2006. SNC Technologies
Inc. (“SNC TEC”) is an ammunition system integrator that supplies small-,
medium- and large-caliber ammunition and related products to the Canadian
Forces, other national defense customers and law enforcement agencies
around the world. … 30067.html


These dates only make sense if the one I found on GD Canada website simply used the GD Canada name and SDC interchangeably. The 2007 date makes more sense for it to become part of GD.