New Jersey to essentially ban ammo collecting


From NRA-ILA- further proof that all ammo collectors need to be involved fighting silly gun control laws- of ALL kinds!

New Jersey Commission Targets Ammunition!
Thursday, February 15, 2007

The New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI) issued a 30 page report alleging that it is too easy for criminals to obtain ammunition in New Jersey and is recommending a series of new gun control laws.

These recommended new guns laws would:

– require ammunition purchasers to have a New Jersey Firearms ID Card;
– prohibit ammunition sales without proof of ownership of a firearm matching the caliber to be purchased; and
– change New Jersey



One of the more ridiculous aspects of the proposed laws is that it is aimed at convicted felons who cannot legally own a gun but can legally purchase ammunition. If it’s possible for them to illegally obtain the firearm wouldn’t it follow that it would be equally possible for them to illegally obtain the ammunition?



Isn’t it already illegal, under Federal Law, for an felon to possess ammunition? If it is, they don’t even need a State law. I am under the impression it is illegal for them to have ammunition, but not sure. Perhaps an attorney member could answer that for us.


I’m not an attorney, but a retired Police Officer. It’s my understanding that convicted felons cannot possess ammunition under Federal Statue. But I believe it would be difficult to get a prosecutor to take a case where only a small amount of ammunition was found without any firearms being involved. It’s not because they won’t handle the cases, but Judge’s generally won’t give them any jail time. Most people do not understand that if a local police officer (City, Sheriff, State Police, etc.) arrest someone they take them to State Court. If they want them prosecuted under Federal Law, they have to contact Federal authorities, have them file separate charges in Federal Court. Unless it


The fact is that the federal courts are so backed up, mostly with drug cases, than they generally won’t handle small cases. In the 5th district, they don’t handle fraud or theft cases below $50K, and that was 10 years ago. I tried to get a case of procurement fraud tried and they refused, even when I convinced the local Congressman to push for a trial.

Similarly, there was a civil case where a felon was involved in an accidental shooting and the testimony made clear that the felon not only owned this gun and others which he was selling, but had a shooting range on his property in the country. The ATF went out and didn’t find any guns-warned him and did nothing more. The fact that his armed robbery convection was over 30 years old and he had a clean record since and they probably couldn’t have gotten him to trial anyway.

This lack of federal enforcement is the reason that States and Cities pass laws that duplicate Federal law, so they have the option to prosecute these cases. The federal prosecutor manpower has not kept up with the demand and has actually been reduced, while the law has made prosecution more complex so they really have to pick and chose.

I am glad to see they still find time to prosecute the corrupt Congressmen they manage to find since it is Congress who makes the ultimate decisions that have reduced the federal prosecutor manpower.


Back in 2001 the IAA put together a two page position paper and what is essentially a talking paper for submission to the UN Conference on INTERNATIONAL CONTROL OF SMALL ARMS AND AMMUNITION which would have essentially banned the collecting of most ammunition worldwide. The US government turned off the conference at the time, but the two papers may be of some use to those who want to take on the recommendations of this NJ Report. Send me an email at and I can send you a copy of the papers. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but literally have no time until late April!.


In light of the BS regulations recently proposed by OSHA, I’m moving this BTT in case people wish to obtain a copy of the position paper Lew describes here.

There is obviously an element roaming the halls of government which is completely off in la-la land - seemingly a rather large element, at that.



AMMUNITION control is the KEY to gun control. They know it. We employ thousands of people to MAKE NEW LAWS. THEY WILL ! ENFORCE THE LAWS? THEY WON’T . New York,DC and many other jurisdictions have heavy gun laws the “mandatory” enforcement and sentencing of which is usually bargained away for a plea to a lesser offense. WE KEEP ELECTING THEM and EXPECT SOMETHING ELSE. ???


How is this working out ?