New Journal Issue # 456

Got the new Journal today and it is AWESOME! Some great articles and photos and even some big bore stuff! Just amazed by the knowledge of the authors.

PS: Thanks Chris and everyone involved in putting such a high quality publication together.

  • I got my copy of the IAA Journal # 456 on July 10th. On page 29 there are some color pictures showing shotshell boxes. The boxes marked “Munirom” [one box is blue and the other is dark green] and “Thalida” are from Romania and I have them in my collection. Since I only have the empty boxes I don’t know the headstamps markings, the exception is the 5-round box “Thalida” which I know the headstamp markings. Liviu 07/10/07

One of my favorite things about the Journal besides the great information contained in them is seeing the photos of the main players. It is nice knowing what allot of you look like. To put a face to the knowledge :-)

PS: Those Mini 120’s are awesome! So is that guided XM982 Excaliber Shell. I saw this round featured on FUTUR WEAPONS recently and it is pretty remarkable.

Jason, that’s one of the best aspects of cartridge shows. Hope you can come North, North-West, and West one of these days. It’s a real thrill to meet the folks you’ve been corresponding with.

Perhaps the webmaster could make it possible to add a picture to the member profiles.

I’m not so sure I want to see mug shots of some of you guys. I know for sure you don’t want to see mine. I’d much rather see photos of your cartridges. :) :)

And speaking of the JOURNAL - another great Benchrest Cartridges article. Where does that guy come up with all of them??


Jon, I hope to visit your show and the big show one day. I wish they had one down here in Miami. We have lots of gun shows and the occasional knife show but no cartridge show. I would really like to meet all of you guys over a table of big tank bullets :-)

PS: Ray, I have seen your pic already, haha!

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The websters asked me to NOT use a photo as it causes folks with older slower computers problems loading. So , I took mine down.

I’ll explore with the other Admin’s and Mod. about the possibility of creating a Forum just for pictures of people, NO CARTRIDGES. I, too, would like to see what some of you people look like. It seems to me that it just makes the Forum more friendly. But, I DO NOT think the pictures should be allowed in the signature for the reason stated by CSAEOD.

You can place one (please use a avatar sizel one) in your sig line by simply using the IMG tags[/quote]

Out of consideration for those who do not have hi-speed connections, we ask that people not post images in their sig files. Ditto with duplicating photos when quoting a previous post.


I’m wondering at what point I need to start whining about not receiving the latest issue of the journal. Since APFSDS who also lives in Florida received his on the 10th, I have to assume mine has gone astray.

Mine arrived today in the UK.

Well that sure makes me feel a lot better ;>)

Would it help if I said the dog got to it first and ate it ? :-)

If it makes you feel any better, I’m still waiting for # 455 to arrive, let alone # 456.

Mine received today- I am getting tired of saying WOW but just have to again. Chris just keeps pumping out the good stuff and more contributors are sending it in. A great selection of worldwide interest.

And I got mine today. I’ll say it was worth the wait, but I was getting concerned that my mailman had developed an interest in old ammo.

Tailgunner - please PM me. You are not likely to receive issue 455 at this stage of the game.

John Moss
Lame Duck IAA Secretary

In conversing with my wife this evening, # 456 arrived today.
I’ll send you a PM.