New lists available

We have a couple of new lists ready.

  • Paradox
  • .476 & 455 Revolver

We also have a revised .303 list.

Let me know which you’d like to receive.

I hope everyone is keeping safe.


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I am.interested in military experimentals antitank rifles ammo diferent calibers wirh paper patch and german ww2 xpl.ammo different by bullets calibers expatrone red plasric 20x138 28/20 antitank rifle 7,92x33 red plastic

I would like your .303 British list. Thanks Tom Dokulil Remember to wash hands!

pm sent

I would like to see the Paradox list. Thanks

Hi Paul - could I get the .303 and .455 lists please?

pm sent

Paul, I would appreciate a copy of the Paradox list.
Thank you.

Hello, Can i please have your still available 303 & 455 Military Head Stamped List?

Thanks In Advance

pm sent