New Load 1915 WAD

I wish to know which USA company used this thin card wad and on which cartridge?
Very thin 0.7mm or 0.125" thick. It is 12 gauge. Ron.

Never seen it before, but if I had to guess I’d guess Winchester.

Another alternative, could be a serious shooter had a rubber stamp made.

What is it made of? Almost looks like cork.

As stated it is a card wad. Good quality brown glaze both sides but only printed on the top. It does not look like a stamp to me.
Must be a thin over-shot wad? but these usually have a shot size.

I think you will find they are British, I have quite a few variations of it. Possibly it can be accredited to London Sporting Park as I have a few samples that also contain that name as well as the same monogram. Print styles do vary considerably between the years and styles.

All of them that I have are certainly factory made and not hand made.

Will add some photos if I have any, I don’t normally keep pictures of just over shot cards.



That’s the cartridge, it is on an Eley London Gastight head stamp.

Can’t find any pictures of just OSC at the moment, so I will take a couple and add them later.



Extra pictures as promised, I think I have a couple of different ones that I could not quickly find.
So some have a shot size and some don’t.
The picture with the flash bounce on I have left in as this gives a much better idea of just how highly glossed these OSC’s are.
Note, All of them have that same high gloss but I have excluded it to give a better pictures

They loaded one was pre WW1 and I do not have one of then that is not loaded, so I am not sure of the thickness of it! which may be relevant?
The others are all war time years and the very different material and thickness may have a relevance to this fact?

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Eightbore. Great info and I did not expect an English wad.
Also the thickness of my wad is 0.025" (0.7mm) and not 1/8" (typo).
It seems odd to put the year on each wad. Thanks. Ron.

Sorry I meant to add the thickness but in haste forgot, yes mine are circa 0.027" (without screwing down the mic) or 0.7 mm if you like metric.
Like you I wonder at the logic of having the year on “with” that wording. I have had a further look and even though I know I have some more I can’t lay my hands on them. However I am reasonably sure I only have the four (4) consecutive years of dates, 1903, 04, 05 and 06. I might be wrong on that score I am not positive about that but don’t think so.

Also meant to say, all of mine are 12 bore size.
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