New(?) lotnumber 7.92 x 57 mm Mauser

Last week working in my collection, I discovered a cartridge with a lotnumber, not listed in the wellknown list of W. v. Eijk.
It’s a s.S patrone, P25, code Xa1, lot 71, jaar 1939
(Steel green laquered cartridge).

Finding this lotnumber 71 has been messaged to Willem.

May I see the headstamp?

Yes Sksvlad ;-)

Same headstamp but with different lights on it.


What’s the meaning of “Xa1”?

X : is the mill supplying of the steel.
( Kl

Thanks 451kr.
Saved me a lot of typing… ;-)

You must start collecting 7.9 Mauser rounds.

Makes a lot of fun. -:)


If I had to pick a favorite cartridge to collect from the hundreds of types it would have to be the 7.9 . I have never left a show without buying a new 7.9 in over 50 years of collecting.