New member looking for info

G’day All,
As the title states I am a new member here but have been coming here for a look on and off for a while.
my name is Joe and I live in Australia and have been collecting old brass since I was a kid though I don’t have much of a collection as there are a lot of restrictions here now, so most of what I have is from when I was younger which is not much.

I am after some info on some old Bayard .320-6-80 ammo that I have recently come across I believe its made Belgium, but other than that I don’t know much more.

The headstamp is
.320 at 12 o’clock
G at 9 o’clock
W at 3 o’clock
H at 6 o’clock

I have attached some pics, any info appreciated.
Thanks, Joe

I don’t have it at hand but the IAA Journal 440 has a great article on this G W H head stamped ammunition. There was a great deal of confusion over this subject with much misinformation published before the real info was properly researched.
I won’t go into detail as someone will be better able to get the whole story down than me without the article at hand.
I have been around the Aussie cartridge meets for a couple of years and have yet to see any of the boxes that go with the GWH rounds. They are nice pieces of shooting history with an Aussie connection.

The Articles in Question are “The Fourth & Final G. W. H. Story,” by Peter White - with the assistance of many, IAA Journal Issue 440, Nov./Dec. 2004, pp 6 - 10, which was copied directly, with authorization, from the original artical of the same title published in The Australian Cartridge Collector’s Association Bulletin Number 82, from the year 2000, pp 4-8.

The artidle’s title refers to several previous theories about the meaning of the initials “G. W. H.” and who actually made this ammunition.

G.W.H. was registered in Germany as the trade mark of Gebrüder Webendörfer, Namburg. They also registered “The Boomerang” trade mark and “The Southern Cross” in 1896. Webendöfer had a large export business around the turn of the 19th/20th Century, basedin Hamburg and with offices in Sydney, Australia, at 187 Clarence Street. The Boomerang and Southern Cross trade marks were registered in Australia, along with the Bayard Trade mARK, by this German firm.

G. W. H. sold ammunition made by various other makers. For example, it is known that some of their metallic pistol cartridges were Made by Munitionswerke, Schönebeck am Elbe, Germany (M.W. S…).

The G. W. H. headstamp appears to be more often found in Australia than anywhere else.

I strongly suggest that a copy of this article by found for much more informaation.

Alpinehunter and John, Thankyou for your replies.
Any idea where I might start looking for a copy of the journal? I have looked around online and cannot find anything.

It is definitely the correct box for the rounds as the box is full (50 rounds) and the old fellow I got it off has had them for a very long while and believes his father did as well, so I was very interested how old they actually were.

if anyone has a copy of the journal or any more info I would appreciate you reply.
Thanks, Joe

Go to the IAA Home page (link at top right corner of this page. Then select the Membership & Journal link at the top of the home page, and you will find the link to buy past copies of the Journal on the right hand side, down a bit. Electronic copies are available and are quite inexpensive. There is also an Index to past copies of the Journal which may help you in future research.


Thanks Lew.