New Member Signup?

Last weekend I attended a gun show in the Twin Cities. While looking at some single cartridges a vendor had for sale a guy next to me asked me a very basic cartridge collecting question. I politely answered him and we struck up a conversation lasting 15 minutes. I told him about the IAA and the benefits a member will have if he joins. He wrote down all the info including where he could get an application form. Also informed him of the beautiful bi monthly magazine we subscribe to. Wish I had one in my brief case to show him but the website explains all that. I think those 15 minutes was time well spent and hope he signs up. Besides I found a dozen cartridges I did not have! Tom from Minnesota


Tom write Zac W. he can send you some back issue to hand out.

Look up his name in your IAA membership list for his e-mail.

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Thanks Pete!