New MEN 5.56x45 "TP" (frangible) for S-H police

I just got to know that our local police (country of Schleswig-Holstein) is using now new MEN made 5.56x45 practice ammo. The boxes are marked with the particular abbreviation “S-H” for our country.
It basically is identical in shape (minor difference) with the DM38 PT load but the projectile is grey instead of blue and what was not indicated anywhere is that it is frangible (since the police is using it for training in their “kill houses”).

The projectile weight is given with 0.5 gram / 8 grains.

Surprisingly this round is not listed in their newest catalog and also not on their website.

Anybody out there who knows more?

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Sorry Alex - I simply haven’t been naughty enough to have the constabulary fire these rounds at me, so I am unable to shed any light on the matter.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable or less scrupulous will be able to help!

Mayhem, no worries!
This is training ammo so I guess (and hope) noone will fire it at you!