New NATO 9mm Subsonic Cartridge allegedly for the Navy Seals

Below is link to a new item allegedly produced for the Navy Seals:
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I posted your link on the italian forum,I hope this wouldn’t be a problem.
Other guys and me spent some days trying to identify this cartridge,with its strange bullet and its typical fiocchi military headstamps

You can find the discussion about this cartridge on an italian forum:

[quote=“Pivi”]You can find the discussion about this cartridge on an italian forum:[/quote]

Thanks for the link, I’m going to have to try and lean some Italian.

Babel Fish translates one of the comments on the topic as “Not magnetic branch is that soldier who that civilian.
Hello” :-)

more or less " both the military and the civilian cartridge have a no-magnetic copper bullet (FMJ copper washed of course)"

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Dear “A Call to Arms”,

about the ammo…never used…9mm Luger ammo with jacketed bullets are forbidden to civilian in my country(…Italy…)…

…about the bullet…I used tons of such bullets manufactured by Fiocchi to handload my 9mm x21 IMI ammunition…the bullet is a nominal 158 grains .355" lightly boattailed and very rounded in the ogive…the bullet has a copper alloy jacket and a soft lead core.
I don’t remember the code number of such bullet but if you are interested this evening I will take a look at an old(…1989…) Fiocchi reloading components catalog.

This is a photo I took some time ago…the 158 FMJ .355" is in the center…

I hope it helps


…from the January 1989 reloading components catalog by Fiocchi of Italy…the bullet has the code number 619379…it has a nominal mass of 158 grains and a nominal diameter of 9.01mm(.355")…this morning I took some measurements with a micrometer and a lab balance…

…actually the bullet is a bit narrower and a bit lighter…its diameter is about 8.98 to 9.00 mm(…it varies by 1 to 2/100 mm among the same bullet…)…while its mass is about 10.21 grams(…about 157.6 grains…)…the copper alloy jacket mass is about 1.42 grams(…21.9 grains…)…the bullet is about 18.10mm long.

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Ciao Andrea,
scrivi anche sul forum di world war per caso?

[quote=“Pivi”]Ciao Andrea,
scrivi anche sul forum di world war per caso?[/quote]

Hello Pivi,

I never wrote on forum…sometimes I write on some italian firearms related forums with the nickname MK108.


P.S.: …and we are inhabitants of the same italian country… in fact I live in Monfalcone…

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