New Navy gun uses NO gun powder

#1 … tromagnet/


Electromagnetic propulsion is not new. Although in this application it is to me. In the past I have seen it applied mainly in railway type applications with linear motors on monorails etc. Moving it on to ammuntion is a logical development.
By increasing the electromagnetic force you are limited only by your own resources as to what velocities could be achieved. Interesting


I think that this is a bad idea which should be strongly discouraged. Where would be the fun in collecting only projectiles? ;-)


Testing of such weapons was conducted in the naval ordnance plant I worked in some years ago here in Minnesota. When it got too dangerous (the story I heard) the operation was moved out of town. I recall a semi-trailer full of capacitors was needed to provide enough power for a shot.


What is all of the debris ahead of the fireball ?? Is it part of the projectile or part of the gun ?? Bill


Another question rtelating to the one about debris ahead of the “fireball.” I am scientifically and technologically challenged, as most on this Forum are well aware. If there is not explosive propelling charge involved with these rail guns, and I know there is not, why the huge fireball behind the projectile? Is it simply caused by friction-induced heat?

Sorry for the dumb question of the decade, but I honestly don’t know what this should have this big burst of flame associated with.


Apparently there is a tremendous amount of heat involved, and the gun tube is virtually destroyed with a single firing, including the internal guide rails being melted away and expelled with the projectile.

It takes a huge electrical charge to “fire” the “gun” so this is nowhere near an operational system, but rather a demonstration of a scientific concept proving that you can launch a projectile with an electrical impulse. Many, many related problems need to be worked out before it could be deployed.

Still, it is a major breakthrough, and a real shift in naval armament if it can be developed into a practical system.


Bill, if look to the extreme right, you can see the target plate, which looks to be at least 3-4 times the thickness of the projectiles diameter. The projo can be seen at the mid-far left behind its’ shock wave. Since this is a Kinetic Energy (KE) weapon, and going at an undisclosed speed, but I’d give a rough guess at at least 6k-7k FPS, all of the fire you see would be a result of the KE release. Where the flame is green would be the penetration hole. Since the projo has retained most if not all of its’ shape, I’d further guess that it is made of Tungsten. The debris ahead of the fireball minus the projo, would be the hole material from the target plate and whatever spalling was caused on the back side of it. Over pressure and heat would have flash incinerated anything in the compartment and with the shock wave, would have probably detonated any munitions stored there.

There was also a thread about a month or two ago along the same lines titled “Electric Gun”. Cheers, Bruce.