New non-lethal 12ga

Here is an article about how a Boise, ID based company by the name of Integrity Ballistics LLC is working on a new less-lethal 12ga projectile which “pancakes” upon impact. It seemed a strange article to me in the way in which it was featured on the Foxnews website as if it were somehow a revelatory notion or product, and also how the header photo shows a stack of lead-bullet pistol ammo. Lightfield and others have been producing less-lethal 12ga for over a decade now in the U.S. anyway:

The company website and photo of the shell:

Sent in a req for samples. The approach is novel (saboted ‘sponge’ projo vs. sock/bag/pellet), but I’d need to see a lot more data to push this to the front of the pack for 12ga LL. 19 feet minimum safe distance is still indicative of injury potential to me; 75ft max range suggests it’s more accurate than some standard bag/sock projos.

Plus, with no pricing info it’s tough to gauge viability. The XREP 12ga round was a helluva thing, but at $175 ea, minimum purchase of 5, it’s not cost-effective for most end-users.

For comparison, the DT Xm1006 40mm sponge round has a suggested minimum safe distance of 3 feet (although point blank shots typically do not lacerate ballistics gel).

I see on the website for Integrity Ballisctics that they show 5 different 12ga less-lethal load types now, but only one of them shows a price or ability to purchase. The others are available to law enforcement only perhaps? The one available type looks like their original generic load, and is $27.50 per 5 rds.